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My goodbye


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We can't do anything about it, most players are leaving due to them getting bored because of lack of updates and doing same stuff repeatedly. (But it's alright if you have patience then you can still be happy with this much content) 

5 hours ago, Energy Boi said:

Hi I'm quiting super mechs. this is my final goodbye to the thread and the game bye it was fun being here. cya

Bye, have fun and always do what makes you happy 🙂 [Keep your future in mind as well, cuz if playing games all day makes you happy, as much as I will like to admit, it would most probably ruin your other activities and could possible ruin your future].

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I don't know what to do now.. I might return to super mechs after sometime in a new account or something but I think Im going to return after sometime. cya soon around august.

or around spring Im indecisive 

decided to come back on my main account I got a shockwave drone  just from a daily sign in reward. Im staying

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