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I'm VB


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2 minutes ago, VB said:

I'm from Szeged, though I study abroad rn, so I don't spend much time there. I've also lived in Budapest for a year studying too 🙂

Budapest is beautiful!


Haven't visited szeged, is it nice? I used to go to Pecs

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Right, Budapest is one of my favourite cities I've seen so far. I might be a bit biased though.

Szeged is really nice and Pécs too, but they are no match to Budapest in my opinion. BP has so many attractions and hidden gems due to it's size.


I'm a wizard Rc 😁 I'll message you right away.

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7 hours ago, SolarisHK said:

 w h a t  i s  n e c r o p o s t i n ?

Old threads not been touched for very long and maybe the same thing regularly people write about it. Sure, not all of the old threads will be a necro posting due to the relevant information in it. Some people get confused about people that are new in the game and forum and post because became interesting to ask or to post in that old thread been a new thing for them. Now, I will say that apply more for regular users like me knowing well that even though, I haven't read all the post of this game because some days I do not connect, and I miss many and maybe I will detect that passing 6 months after the post becoming interesting to me to make a comment. 

Just take a look in this thread from our old forum VB member. Was created back on 12/18/20 when this forum was opened to the players post testing.  The second picture illustrate a possible necro posting in the way it was done writing just a dot and nothing else. 

In the other side of the coin, if a person passing a year and has been a player out of the game for a while and studently is searching for old bodies or clan members or curious about what happen with some of them it is not necessarily be a necro post. Sure, the member can make a new thread asking for.  

In my case, I really do not care since it is a post old or new and was posted to make a comment regardless. Some of them sometimes are annoying because are controversial but that is what bring the masses to post in it and administration then close the thread.

It is just based on people personal opinions.  

In my case it is interesting to see that VB still around knowing was an old forum member and player and part of those individual been around when I just started this game. 



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