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Programed the automatic mode


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You may already know it or even suffered from the artifical inteligence of the automatic mode which is the as the ennemy in campaign, that is to say bad .

That why i propose that we programm it .


1 - choose the mech you would programming 

First you will have to choose the mech you want programmed ( you can programmed several mechs if you want for the 2vs2 and 3vs3 campaign) . 


The option will be on the menu for equiped the mech ( for those was legacy player and have the legacy button do *not worry the button will be moved aside)


2 - Program

by clicking on it you arrived on a page, i assure you it's not like computer programs with codes.. No here is simple you have first the priorities .


2.1 Priorities


Basically the mech has only one priority, it's the drone and then any weapons.You can modify for example to put on the first priority the vandal rage and entering a fight the automatic will use the vandal rage first and not the drone if he was in the range, if he can execute the first order it will execute the next priority if he has any next, otherwise he will do what he wants. Noted that you can for example add several weapons in the 3rd priority .


2.2 - Secondary options 

You can also options enabled or not.



And that is all but that might take a lot of strategy for what weapon i should add on priorities, possibilities ..


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3 minutes ago, Ur Hacking said:

OOoOooOoOoOo sounds awesome I hate it when the drone activates first because mine is bad and underleveled


On my secondary account i have a cockpit piercer ( mythical level 50 ) but is a started account, in campaign some times i can use the scope in the first turn and one shot weakness ennemy but if a equiped a drone .. is change all and use the drone and finnaly the opponent use a charge/grappling ...

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