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It can't be this hard


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For the love of god fix the minor issues in this game. Things like having to spam on mobile to accept a 1v1 because the bottom half of the screen refuses to work for some reason, Invite glitches, Game freezing and please make a new chat for spammers or for the people of Indonesia. It can't be that hard to hire help. We know people spend money on this game, where is this money going? And if you don't want to spend the money you're making then i'm sure there are hundreds of people that would like to help you with this game. That is all for right now

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Would also like to mention about mechs glitching sometimes, Idk if this happens on PC but I do know that it happens on low end phones, and probably on other devices

Also, some ppl's rank profiles or smth says they're 25 but they actually have higher ranks

Idk if those count as glitches

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