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Thank you very much for everything, but I have to go.

Evelyn Rose

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In case you wonder if, today I am retiring from Super Mechs, I had already given advance notice yesterday, but I just needed to say goodbye to the forums as well.

The reasons are that I want to be more responsible in my work, since I accepted important commitments that I always wanted to reach, the bad thing is that I have to make sacrifices, among that is the game.

Now I answer a few quick questions.

Will you return? = Probably not, it would hardly be for doing some campaign games, but that would be very rarely.

Who will have your account? = Nobody, that account is mine, I tried to give it to my best friend as inheritance, but she didn't want to, so the account will rest while I'm out of the game.

Can I see your face/work? = No, I made it very clear, it is my privacy and I want to continue like this, my personal life has nothing to do with the game.


And finally, I am proud of everything I achieved, I did this today.


And here I have everything that progressed from when I was a rookie to here, I'll leave you the link if you want to see it =


Now I'm leaving, and my heat mech also say goodbye to everyone.



That's all from me, boys and girls, take care.

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