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Fan art : Drones


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Hello, i concocted 2 new drones idea 


First fan art : Plasma Shuttle


The Plasma shuttle would be a energitic drone that not specialize on damage or energy drain but on opponent's energy regeneration and capacity damage (a fusion of torment and anguish if you prefer )

Stats at level 50 mythical (Arena boost not included ) :

Weight : 37

Electric damage : 94 - 126

Energy cost :28

Energy drain : 35

Energy regeneration damage : 8

Energy capacity damage : 11


Second fan art : Metallic shark (I admit,i did'nt have to many Idea for the name ^^' )


This physical drone would use a lot of energy but would not heat the user.

Stats at level 50 mythical (Arena boost not included) :

Weight : 43

Physical damage : 153 - 212

Energy cost : 42

Physical resist drain : 9 

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