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My alt account progress


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sheesh, it's been a while since I updated about My alt's progress, but here's the current inventory on it 

and here's the current builds 


planning to myth an energy engine on the second mech so i can swap a legendary energy engine into a plat to add more hp, while collecting legendary food to myth energy engine, ill be farming gold and maxing swoop, corrupt light, and massive lava feet 


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On 2/27/2022 at 11:54 PM, Raphmach said:

game giving me energy items to run a energy mech 😂


So close yet so far 


Hit 1000 arena battles just now in my alt 


second massive lava feet divined 

wow. took me long to divine my first and played every day and farmed 24/7. Lack of luck to get relics. 😞 My first and was just for test because I had no clue about divine thing back then is corrupt light. I played a lot when I started and did 1000 wins fast. I needed the rewards to get premium box free. New players or old taking time to develop now can get some gold relics with portals and offers and that was good. I have no premium weapon divined in my O.D FARM account and only 2 weapons premium divined in OKI DOKI so far. Sad history. Bad luck with relics but advancing now in modules but still terrible. 

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work in progress mech, will be lucky if i get another sorrow or one magma blast, and atleast a red drainer 😅

would be nice if i also got res mods, ill try to get firefly 

right now i farm campaign everyday in my alt to progress better 


the skill issue is real. 

wasn't expecting to survive raid with 11 hp (the second mech is still alive) 

one question, what should i myth? 

Energy engine > for hp on second mech 

Sorrow > for energy free weapon for the first mech


2 swoops maxed 

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on 1st alt i mythic rock recoiler today.

should look like this



tho m.s.f not myhic yet back breaker not mythic and reakless beam not myth

but whole mech blue

i did 462 damage on titan with annihilation today i very happy 

i send pic soon

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