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im gonna post some memes because im bored af


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There is one thing that is more painful to look at besides than discord light theme. And that is:Screenshot_2021-08-04-19-02-44.thumb.png.bcaaa560917b1ca6af3f45a1477e02a4.pngyes this actually exists for some reason.


Me after seeing 2 posts in forums:Screenshot_2021-08-04-19-01-25.thumb.png.361872bc46cdeabfe69d5e4cdeeeb470.png



Someone on the sm discord told us to translate "keys cow" into filipino.

I hate that guy.

Imagine if there was a new arena pad with a banana image

And when you sat on it with the monke torso it would boost your attack.



The heat bomb and the link below is the same meme btw

And the top it all off, there is a huge ass spider in the kitchen we dont know where tf it went.

My mom was trapped in the balcony for like 15 mins lmfao20210804_213422.thumb.jpg.2081dc7fcb87506b019df757134159ff.jpg

This is the spiders dead corpse.

Holy sh!t

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A wise noob once said: energy weapons should get nerfed.


PS: The noob was me.

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