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Power Kit Chance of Rare: 22.31%


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BLUF: When you build power kits in the factories, the chance of rare is 22.31%


LONG STORY: Because I was bored, I decided to test the power kit chance of rare power kits.  So me and 2 others from Noble Warriors ran some power kits to see what happened.

The first 3 results that one person got were identical, but it was not an error.  So I ran the numbers on all of the results (130) and it came out to 29 out of 130, or 22.31%

I decided to test this, however, by including only one of the first three that were identical, just to test to see if this random chance would make a difference (i.e. whether, if I assumed it was a fluke and discarded them, if that changed the results).  The result with the first two discarded was 21%, well within the 5% margin of error I would accept in random chance rolls.

So there you have it.  Thanks to @Marethryu and @AftoKrator for their help!  Screenshots below.

Our data points:


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