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Reactive Resistance Detailing?

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Why? / Introduction

I thought of this idea not to long ago and wondered about how it could enhance gameplay a little by providing a reactive aspect for resistances during combat. Sure, it's a really small detail at the end of the day but it could potentially make the gameplay look more "fresh" outside of the standalone damage details. Before you ask, no, this wasn't thought up to become a new item or feature that adds onto the existing resistance crisis that's currently going on in-game. It's solely thought up to be a cosmetic detail that indicates the level of resistance that a mech has outside of the simple resistance icons hanging out in the stats area of combat UI.

Besides, if there's detailing to show changes in a mech's heat level, energy level, and HP, why not have an indicating detail that shows changes in a mech's resistance levels?



As for what "reactive resistance detailing" is, it's essentially how shields in modern-era sci-fi shooter games work in terms of details (start off with a strong color then slowly degrade to a "critical" color state when close to being broken) but rather than 1 color, it would be 3 separate colors for each of the 3 element resistances (if there is any resistance on the mech to begin with, that is).

Each elemental "shield" would start off with colors to match their elements and have a solid appearance but as a battle continues on and the resistances take damage from resistance breaking weaponry, their color will begin to darken in color and saturation until they reach their darkest shade before breaking (0 resistance or negative resistance thresholds). The rate of how the shield degrades is dependent on how much resistance the target mech has, so a low resistance mech's shields have a faster degradation rate than those of a high resistance mech's shields.



For effects, it would be easier if I made a list to show how the shields would react and stuff since paragraph form for that would lead to a really long paragraph.. So, here's what I was thinking for those effects:

Stable (100% to 76% resistance) - Solid color in correspondence to the element resistance that is taking damage

Moderate (75% to 51% resistance) - Darker shade of elemental color and will show signs of fading in and out

Unstable (50% to 25% resistance) - Even darker shade of elemental color and will begin to pulsate in addition to the fading

Critical (25% to 1% resistance) - Very dark shade of elemental color and will begin to rapidly pulsate and fade simultaneously 

Broken (0% resistance) - Bursts into fragments before dissolving; Mech will show sparks (similar to those of the sparks effect seen on nearly broken or energy broken mechs but gray-ish in color for differentiation ) to indicate that the shield(s) are no longer functional 

[Bonus] Resistance Pad -  Stoic grey color with no effects, regardless of which state the shield(s) were in before being affected by resistance pads, until the broken phase, where the shield(s) would break exactly like normal but with grey color fragments rather than the critical phase color


The Colors

I wanted to add this segment in for those who were wondering about what the colors could look like (if Alex were to add it to the game, it could end up with different colors, effects, etc., so these are just potential ideas as to what they could be).

StablePhysical Energy Heat

Moderate - Physical Energy / Heat

Unstable - Physical Energy / Heat

Critical - Physical / Energy Heat

Resistance Pad All Elements



So, what do you guys think of the idea? Too complicated? Not enough detail? Wondering why the color samples are slightly off-key from each other? Let me know down below (as usual because comment sections are made for things like comments. Shocking, I know) and I may or may not respond but eh, feel free to do so anyways.

Also, yes, I'm aware of the state of the game and that details are worthless when the game is in need of functional tweaks and banwave management but if there's one thing that's certainly been a bother, it's been the clashes of players and forum goers over topics such as clan politics, weapon rebalances, and the wellbeing of the game itself. What I'm trying to say is that while concern for these things is a nice way to provide feedback, it can have a negative impact if everyone focuses on them too much and for too long without taking the time to focus on things that aren't extremely sensitive.

That's pretty much why I've been doing these types of posts rather than paying attention to the conflicts that are going on in the game. That, and it's really unhealthy to stress over these things for way too long because excessive stress could cause additional conflicts that branch out from the main poi- And now I'm getting off topic because of it, so I'm just gonna do a quick turnaround by saying that details could potentially make the game feel fresh and strengthen the unique atmosphere that separate SuperMechs from other mech games like War Robots.

I mean, come on, this game's concept is basically a sandbox of culminated ideas, so why not try to think of ideas of your own and go wild with creativity?

But anywho, that's it for this topic. Thanks for reading and I bid you all a good day.


This is Whiteout, signing off.





If you fail and don't succeed at something, you simply haven't failed enough. Through failures, one can pave a path to eventual success. 

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