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Here show off your luck.


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I managed to open Premium Packs "five to be more specific" and I presume my rewards.


Unfortunately I accidentally deleted 3 captures but I summarize it like this.

The first was when I accumulated titan points to buy a Premium, Amazing!, pure epic. 😎


The second was at the Easter Event, Nice!, More epic. 🙃


The third was again for the reward of titan, Magnificent!, more epic! 😆


From here I will give screenshots of my Premium Packs!.

The fourth was Great!, I filled up my inventory and used them to empty my inventory, It's funny that I beat Hell Gate on that Day. 🙃


And the best, I bought a Premium Pack because it had 150 free tokens, "the special mission" and the rewards were incredible, Many of my friends had Quad Core Booster and I got the jackpot! 😎.

"I was supposed to capture him but an error occurred, so I show my inventory"








If you want to show off your rewards in Premium Packs, "no matter what your reward is" follow the rules.

It must be from 07/08/21 "My birthday" onwards.

Rewards don't matter, so show off your Premium 4 Legendary for such a box.

Use any Box as long as it has a Legendary chance.

The rules of the forum apply, so do not come to Insult me, here is for fun.

I will continue showing my box activity like this to see how many epics I will continue to receive from my Premium Packs. 😉.


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I do not have premium packs now to open but I will if open something around since I do not show them if open any. Also you can make a progress thread and see your personal development maxing, getting etc. Mind set for the future or current and your clan etc. That help to keep record and look back for fun and compare some months later. 😉👍

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