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Best build for campaign



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6 hours ago, JoshuaSmith02 said:


frantic only have 2 uses. once that runs out. you'll have a range gap. 

also, imo, it's kinda pointless to put a monkey on claws. you don't need both if you just want high hp. get a torso with some res or get some res mods. also, with the potential range gap, you'll either need really good utilities (like a double tele), or you should swap the legs into something that have decent hp and can walk (namely, massive stone feet). 

other stats are fine, could use some more regen.

Also, whats the drone?

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Well depends on what mission your farming in campaign, but for most the main missions played you should be fine with a physical with no energy stats and minimal heat stats, 

I just use a mech like this for campaign because it looks nice and kills pretty much anything

Screenshot 2021-07-02 1.53.37 PM.png

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4 hours ago, Quantum said:

Boilers work well in campaign

This.  I used to lead with a physical mech but started to get bogged down.  As soon as I had a decent heat mech going, I raced along - including 2 v 2, where the heat mech was winning a lot of missions on its own.  By the time you get to a level where a boiler isn't making progress, you'll have enough inventory for good extra mechs.

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