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Wiki Items needed list

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Hi Guys! Remember me?

Well I spent around 7 hours going through the entire wiki, making a list of all the items that are missing on the wiki, and putting said items into a google doc.

Now, by the amount of time it took me, you can probably guess that there are a LOT of items missing, and you would be right about that lol.

EVERY ITEM has at least one lot of stats missing.

Obviously I can't get all of these by myself, but I do have a bunch of people helping out. But its only a small bunch, and they don't have all the items.

SO, It would be absolutely amazing if people in the community could share stats in this list that are missing. A screenshot of the item tab in the workshop is all thats needed!

Link for the google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zC8oDXlSdD_QKEoqBqYuwUz9Q296QEHgY5U2TKg0R4A/edit?usp=sharing

Thank you all again for any donations(?) of stats to help me and the wiki team out!

"Religion is ignorance of reality" - Primary Iterator Kyril Sindermann

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