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3 hours ago, The Cyclops with Mechs said:

Is this a random question what entre in my mind, is good divine the most posible quantity of items or only? Because i want to divinize this1564912964_Screenshot_20210515-011923_SuperMechs.thumb.jpg.991c2a73464e619df9d722957a8680e4.jpg


2nd question, is better upgrade to the max  same modules or improve several at the same time and use them even if they are not well improve? 



Well first thing, you shouldn't divine as many items  as you can because it is just a waste of time and gold. You should save relics and divine the good items you have in inventory example like nightfall, heat bomb, vest torso, mercy...(you can ask experts what to divine depent on your current mechs)

Next about maxing modules, i suggest you should max a full set of modules which will make a stable stat for the mech first. If you can find new and better modules then start upgrading them  and slowly replace your old modules. This method is a way to easier control your mech stats than keep replacing old modules with new ones.

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