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Paint Buffs???


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Alr so I know a bunch of you people are going to be like "YOU STUPID!" But hear me out. Imagine if we put stats on paint. Not something overpowered like if you buy this paint you get 100% percent more resistance type stuff. But like something like you get 200 hp for this paint or 10 physical resistance for this paint but no more than 1 stat per paint. And for these special type of paints you can only have 1 per mech, just to keep people from actually achieving 100 percent overpowered mechs. I figured that you would have to make them ridiculously expensive like 500-1000 tokens and the more the paint cost the better the stat. Welp thats all i gotta say.


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This forum  is more open to ideas then the old one, so don't worry to much about people being toxic.

This does seem like a good idea though.

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Stolen from @JamAnime

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