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New medal - seniority

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this medal is given for how many years you play sm, I think this is a good idea, since many people play for years and do not get any return from the developers or just from the game, at most from its community, I played for a very long time, since 2014, but my main account is 2.5 years old, since I played without an account at that time. but back to the topic,

  • seniority medal + premium pack every year.
  • platinum plate + any legend for every 5 years. + reward for 1 year
  • 2 any mythic (except sabertooth, cyber armor, and whatever else comes out) for 10 years (if the game survives). + reward for 1 year + reward for 5 years

this medal will be located in the same place as the solo with the clan medals

if you have any questions, please ask

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4 minutes ago, MasterChief said:

отличная идея, за исключением того факта, что игроки будут еще лучше, если у них будут старые учетные записи, старые игроки снова будут править, и ... иди, это хорошая идея, но Алекс никогда не добавит ее

I don't think that a couple of premium packs, a plate, and a good legend will get you at least to rank 7, and as for those who play on old accounts until now, it will be a good bonus for them, but I doubt that it is imbalance

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36 minutes ago, error19031 said:

mmm if the account is deleted or banned, then you can not restore it and do not log in to it, so I think there is no way

yep. how many legacy accounts do u think there are? im guessing only about a hundred or so, so a pretty small handfull of people will get the reward.

One Mech to rule them all

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