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  1. mmm if the account is deleted or banned, then you can not restore it and do not log in to it, so I think there is no way
  2. I don't think that a couple of premium packs, a plate, and a good legend will get you at least to rank 7, and as for those who play on old accounts until now, it will be a good bonus for them, but I doubt that it is imbalance
  3. this medal is given for how many years you play sm, I think this is a good idea, since many people play for years and do not get any return from the developers or just from the game, at most from its community, I played for a very long time, since 2014, but my main account is 2.5 years old, since I played without an account at that time. but back to the topic, seniority medal + premium pack every year. platinum plate + any legend for every 5 years. + reward for 1 year 2 any mythic (except sabertooth, cyber armor, and whatever else comes out) for 10 years (if the game survive
  4. this idea would make it easier for me to get legendary relics, I have 34 unneeded epic relics, but this topic has been raised many times and there has been no answer, so we can only dream
  5. wow, you are very lucky, 4 legends from the pack, upgrade rock polisher, this item is good, use other legends as food for myths
  6. trading is a good idea, but restrictions are required, like making a trading price of 500 tokens and 1,000,000 coins, also need to make a threshold of the level you need to reach (like level 100) to trade, and need a special group that checks the trade for mythical, divine or LM items (something like moderators), then it can be real.
  7. false next person from Россия
  8. first the bonus tokens are spent and then the sponsor tokens are spent
  9. I remember before the reload there was something like this
  10. When I get a fortune box, I get a legend card with a 60% chance. And from the daily ones, I got a legend every time, but now it's rare
  11. do you have any sponsor tokens? if not, then buy the minimum number of tokens and do not spend them (they are spent last), have at least 1 sponsor token, according to my observations, this disables ad
  12. this statistic reminds me of Archimonde, but Archimonde is better in everything, I believe that it is worth increasing the amount of heat and energy to 300 and increasing the physical resistance to 23, and leaving the hit points as you suggested
  13. the gift key cannot be retrieved because it was deleted a long time ago
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