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  1. Yh yeah. hackwork SVID_20210715_112626_1.mp4 SVID_20210715_112626_1.mp4
  2. 999999999 damage?! I'm ready to wait for this all my life! seriously, now I am absolutely not worried about what will happen next, because the only thing that can attract me is the portal, and the rest of the time I rest, sit on the forum and farm, I have been waiting for some months and am ready to wait for some more years, and I will have this opinion until the next update
  3. have you upgraded the base to level 20? do you make legends? are you upgrading items? if you are doing all this and you still have 4 million coins, then please tell me where you farm them, I also want, I have a maximum of 50k coins after all of the above
  4. wait wait wait. I do not know what to wait for, but we need to wait, take care of farming for now, and take your mind off the game. at least this is what I am doing now, and I will do it until the next update or interesting event
  5. when I was playing on my alt, I opened a free fortune box, switched to my main account and got a fortune box, although it should have been a couple of boxes later.
  6. when I was on the 5th rank (season 1 vs 1), I fought against the 15th rank. matchmaking is a strange thing
  7. damn, I thought this thing died back in 2016, it needed root rights or something, the last time I used it was in 2016
  8. okay, you've changed my mind, I can see that super mechs don't die, at least for now, but they need more things, otherwise they will die, I hope Alexander will rebalance items, release new items, increase the drop rate, etc. in the near future I would like to thank to @SawzAll for opening my eyes to the fact that the game is alive and will continue to develop
  9. I play, mainly because of nostalgic feelings, and I spent too much effort and time to just quit Neither. I want to draw attention to this problem again, a lot of players leave because there is nothing to do in the game, I can understand if the developer works, but let it at least show the result I'm not saying SM is dead, I'm saying he's dying. You can keep it alive by adding new items, interesting events, new mechanics, changing the drop, etc. Maybe, but SM do nothing to fix it and there were no complaints about boring game, a lot of people talked about it and what in the end? I mean, the comments cover the problem, but nothing happens and because of that, the game dies.S'ti IffI
  10. as for the fact that the game has 1 developer, this is not a weighty excuse for the fact that there is nothing interesting in the game. for example, let's take the game Geometry Dash, which I myself play and which has 1 developer: this game has constant moderation, new levels are evaluated, content is created and the game lives, yes, there are no new updates in it for more than 4 years, but the players are constantly doing something new and the developer sees it and works, in Super Mechs there are no new items, but there are ideas: new events, items, suggestions for changing the balance and just different interesting changes, but nothing is implemented, I believe that balance changes can require strength, but again, you can ask the players and listen to them. their opinion, hire more moderation to moderate content and report useful ideas, buy advertising (at least some), it is worth doing more news on the forum or just in the game. most likely NOTHING of this will be implemented, but I will hope
  11. I don't want to say this, but the game is really rotting and there is almost nothing to do in it, new items do not come out, there are no interesting events, this must be solved, otherwise the game will die in the near future
  12. mmm if the account is deleted or banned, then you can not restore it and do not log in to it, so I think there is no way
  13. I don't think that a couple of premium packs, a plate, and a good legend will get you at least to rank 7, and as for those who play on old accounts until now, it will be a good bonus for them, but I doubt that it is imbalance
  14. this medal is given for how many years you play sm, I think this is a good idea, since many people play for years and do not get any return from the developers or just from the game, at most from its community, I played for a very long time, since 2014, but my main account is 2.5 years old, since I played without an account at that time. but back to the topic, seniority medal + premium pack every year. platinum plate + any legend for every 5 years. + reward for 1 year 2 any mythic (except sabertooth, cyber armor, and whatever else comes out) for 10 years (if the game survives). + reward for 1 year + reward for 5 years this medal will be located in the same place as the solo with the clan medals if you have any questions, please ask
  15. this idea would make it easier for me to get legendary relics, I have 34 unneeded epic relics, but this topic has been raised many times and there has been no answer, so we can only dream
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