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"Invitation Declined"


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I'm just going about my day, decided I'd hop in chat to do a friendly 3v3 with a friend. I send an invite and oop, Invitation Declined. He's online and is also trying to send me a 3v3 invite, but it almost never works. I see no reasoning to this, just chance. This has been an issue for a while and some have accepted it while others have not. 

Yes, we both have invites enabled. 

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follow me.

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Super well known bug. 3v3 tends to be most buggy (for invites as well as campaign). 1v1 and 2v2 also don't work very, very often. For me, it's just random game of chance. Sometimes it works, sometimes I'm just stuck declined versus everyone and everyone to me lol =P 

Low priority, but looking forward to when (if) this bug gets fixed! 🙂

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