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  1. It`s literally in the name of the post XD
  2. This guy just got half of the legendaries I got this year in 1 f***ing package. ONE. I think I`m gonna destroy my acc cuz I`m done.
  3. I don`t believe it. Show the drops.
  4. Can you tell me what level do you have?
  5. Y`know, I can have a mech with grim and just as well have 3015 hp XDDDDD
  6. Who knows, but rn I`m in LLYL and I`m happy where I am. Honestly I don`t ever deserve to be here, talk `bout being in Reign Reforged. I`d have to be a P2W to at least have some fraction of a chance to get in!
  7. Tbh, the only thing I can flex is my unluckiness. Nothing other, maybe my inventory consisting of 40 maxed myths maxed in only 3 years, THAT long.
  8. Well, welcome to the new community! I hope u`ll like it here !
  9. So, there was a discusion on the old SM`s forum `bout music that you like. I thought it would`ve be nice to have it here too. I`ll start with myself. I really, REALLY like metal. I mostly listen to Mick Gordon`s soundtrack of DOOM Eternal cuz it`s just amazing, and tbh I don`t listen much to any other kind of music. I especially hate rap. Why? Because most of them just have curse words in every sentence. Of course some are alright, but it`s just not my style. Btw if the autor of the original discusion wants my post down, I will erase it. Sorry for my bad English, I`m
  10. Well yeah, your clan is strong. Mostly I just get deafeted cuz I`m a noobie and a F2P, but it`s always fun to fight against ya
  11. As I told ya, it`s probably a bug. Try restarting the game or wait a lil` while. If it still doesn`t work after a long period of time, report it. That`s all I can really help. Good luck, I guess!
  12. Yeah, it might be a bug. Sometimes, when I played with my friend, it also happened. Might be just a simple bug or a consequence of made actions. I think.
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