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A while back I message Alex this idea. I got no reply. So, I want to know what is your thought.

So, I been playing a New game that has an awesome thing.  Been playing for more than 2 Month on this game, and there is a garage feature of the lvl's.  Each lvl goes up base on inventory and upgrading.  At each lvl there is a Special offer to spend $$$ on.  Very low offers that Attract buyers.  $4.99 for so many items.  Here is an idea of what you get for $4.99 the game that I play:  1000 Tokens, 700,000 Gold and 20 premium pack.  I just up my garage to lvl 11. This deal only last for 7 days.


Now SM has a Garage.  There can be a lvl upgrade feature.  Upgrading items.  The number of items in your inventory.  My garage lvl is 11, in the game I play. I have 46,000 credits and need to reach 1,000,000. Now how would that work on SM.

As Mention Before, SM has a Garage. You can build 3 Mechs.  You also have Your Mech teams.

So, for New Players, they can Start at lvl after completion of the intro.  They get the special offer, of what ever price you set at. $4.99 is just an example.  Now next lvl will be 2, and you would need 50,000, call it Garage power, to get to lvl.  So, lets say it would take a full Myth torso or Legs do reach that, or any one item.  You reach lvl 2 and another great offer is giving.  Then you go to lvl 3 where 100,000 is needed.  You will need 2, 3, or more items max, or so many items that make your inventory power go up and down. The next power lvl would be 200k, then 300k, 400k, 500k, and so on.  That is just another idea, on power lvl.


Now that wouldn't be fair for previous player, right.  Well if brought this, they will get a limited time to buy them base on the Garage lvl. They would also get a major discount to keep them spending.  For example CleverName maybe his garage lvl would be like 50 or so.  That be like $1.99-4.99 or what ever you Choose.  They can start spending on their Garage lvl.  They have 7 Days for that lvl, Starting at lvl 1.  Each time they spend on a lvl offer, they get the next lvl offer of their garage.  So, CleverName might choose to buy all 50 That be an easy $99.50 or $249.50.  You can even make each lvl have better things and maker the offer rise little by little.

For Example, like Garage lvl one can be this offer:

- 100,000 Gold

- 20 SilverBoxes

- 5 Premium Boxes

- One Premium pack

- 500 Tokens

The next lvl be better or so.  Just an example. This will fetch people to spend in the game more at small prices, and keeps spending on great offers. Just a suggestion.

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Realistically ...

I'm not going to even try to consider for the whatever offers, simply because they cost this much (e.g. $50).

For half of that price you can get the Dell 4.5mm to USB-C I wanted very much -- essentially a DC-DC converter peaked at 65W with GROUNDED neutral line (unlike most other two-pronged USB-C adapters), or you can get a new USB-C brick from Dell anyways. Or, at 10% more, the DA 300 which is awesome.

I had actually considered the "improve your mech" deal because that one seem to be in reasonable budget.

And in general, 10 of $4 is much more easier to swallow than $40 up front. Candy money per week is only that much.

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It's a FLASH GAME. At least, it once were.

Get over it

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3 hours ago, rc said:

It sounds like you want this game to have more microtransactions.

Well, of course.  This can actually be added later down the line, with more items coming. Unless there is another huge do over, as in rebuilding your acct back up.

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