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Special daily mini game


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Imagine having 9 cards in a "tic tac toe" style, but you can pick one and you can have whatever it contains. This mostly could contain stuff like this:

-Rare?= Allways 1 upgrade kit not maxed
-Epic?= Any rarity object
-Legendary= Any legendary object

Yes is like also daily bonus aswell from login and shop, but is an extra. At least in my opinion. If ya'll think is a bad idea, alright, but i just thought about it.

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22 hours ago, Tirreggregars said:

Any legendary of your choice would be op.

Although it would be cool to have a deal where you pay 500 and get any legendary of your choice.

I would make a special box when first you type the name of the item you want click ok when spend  400 or 500 tokens and huala but these idea s are impossible since this game  does not complete them so dont suggest crazy ideas

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