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Active clan "The DoseGivers"


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I would like to promote a LOW RANK-ACTIVE clan called "The DoseGivers"1370351686_forumclanrecruitment.png.b5d86f1d8e8182954ceb69cb8bb258b1.png

This clan needs 4 more members.Here are the rules:

1)  Minimum Wins: 35+ wins per season (Just the 5 daily wins).

2) Join clan war if you have 3 decend mechs.

3) Try to collect at least 40 TITAN tickets.

4) Fight the TITAN.

5) 3days offline gets kicked.

6) Most important.You must be rank 17 at least to join.

7) No hate speech.

The goal of this clan is 1000 wins per season.As you can see from the picture this is the first time this clan hits 1000.And 4 members who were inactive got kicked before the prize so,you better Follow the rules.

DM me for joining.

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