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Should I make an updated Crash Course?  

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  1. 1. Should I make an updated Crash Course?

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3 hours ago, Hyakkimaru said:

Can't make polls in a reply,so every one i make will have to be in a new topic

but that'll get annoying

We can add them later if its still a big need then, but consider this: 


You make a poll to have a vote on a subject, yeah?


How often do you need a vote after the same subject, that you cant have as part of the topic? You can add a poll later to a topic.


I would wager, not often. Usually you do one in a post later because there's a new subject and you want to poll that one.


We don't really want people to go off topic so much anymore.


So yeah, no random poll topic. Victim of that change, but it does make sense. 😛

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