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How to defeat the Octavious Titans


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1 hour ago, SawzAll said:


     Since this content probably didn't get migrated from the previous forum, can people please share their builds and tips/tricks for beating the Octavious titans?  Thanks in advance!

The key to getting maximum damage payout per run against Octavious is to use long-range, high damage weapons (4-8 weapons and scopes) in order to take advantage of the titan's pushing nature that is normally annoying for 2-4/3-6 builds. The titan basically helps you that way rather than inconveniences you.

Alternatively, you can use one of the 4-8 advance weapons in order to use closer range weapons against Octavious, but you're gonna need 2 of them as they're 2 uses each and the titan's gonna be constantly pushing you away.

Also, items like Delerium, Iron Frenzy, and the Greedy drones are really effective against this titan as their ranges fit well with the titan's pushing nature.

Tip: If you're gonna use 2-4/3-6 builds against the titan but don't have a 4-8 advance weapon, you'll need to use rollers in order to close the distance (technically +1 space movement after the titan's double push combo if you go with full 3 movements per turn). Rolling Beats or Sparked Runners? It doesn't matter as to which of the 2 are used on the build as long as they're used at all... But Rolling Beats since more HP and HP is better in all cases against titans, especially physical variants where stats don't matter but HP does.

Extra: I made a build that's capable of camping at far ranges when fighting the physical Octavious. It isn't the best build but it'll definitely be able to attack with high damage and resist break from 8 range. 

It's a physical Octavious counter, basically.


I also made this build to show an example of a 3-6 oriented physical counter that can be used to fight physical Octavious. Again, it isn't the best since it's just an example and I used Sweetie on the build since it doesn't need backfire to fire and it's a 3-6 weapon that isn't a top weapon, allowing me to fit a Mighty Cannon and Falcon on top... But Mighty Cannon can be replaced by another Falcon at the risk of making a 7 range blindspot.


These shouldn't be taken seriously, however, since they're just there to give examples that could provide inspiration for other builds that can be made with similar format with different weapons and/or drones.

Utilities can also be used but since the titan's gonna be doing the pushing on your behalf and you got rollers to move into 3-6 range for weapons of that range, they're not as needed.

If you fail and don't succeed at something, you simply haven't failed enough. Through failures, one can pave a path to eventual success. 

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Tonight some people shared their wisdom with me in the discord, so I'll share it here.

The one I was facing tonight (4 star mark 1) is physical push.  But it has like 1 energy regen.  So they told me long range energy weapons.  Once it's drained, it fires once and not twice (if you're not in range 1-3), which helps you do more damage to it.  They also said use resistance draining weapons like Delerium and Ultra Bright.

Tonight with Ultra Bright and Hysteria, and Torment drone (to save hit points vs my Unreliable Guardian) I did 7K damage per turn (normally I deal 3-5K damage to Titans depending) for a total of 21K damage.

So the wisdom here is stay 4-8 range (1-3 the Titan has two energy-free weapons, so it will fire twice).  Also, this one is the physical version, so massive stone legs, a physical resistance module, maybe one quad core or one each heat/energy engine, then nothing but platinum and armor plating.  My mech had like 3,100 hit points as configured.

Next time (since I only have massive legs) I'll equip distance shredder so I can do damage while closing the distance.

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On 3/2/2021 at 3:30 AM, Killer gamer 22322 said:

Well my tip is to energy break it...... Cuz I think it is the only Titan that has energy consumption weapons. Don't waste time to overheat it unless you have cooling damage.

Hi, for next time use this (when you have same weapon) 😄 




for heat octavius tips in this video >


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Yes i forgot that it needs energy on the weapon

Basically a long range electric. Most electric should fare well (since the drain does "hull damage" anyway), although I don't have a delirium/sniper

the heat one just make sure you have about 150 cooling you can ignore that overheat

It's a FLASH GAME. At least, it once were.

Get over it

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