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Abomination vs META Boiler: pros and cons


Should I get the abomination deal?  

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  1. 1. Should I get the abomination deal?

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I'm asking this mainly due to the deal that's going on today.  Would Abomination be a better weapon to cover the range 2-4 "hole" that hammer mechs have, in terms of a heat boiler?  Here's the META boiler:


And here's my proposed config with Abomination that uses more common items (because I don't have hybrid heat cannon, for example)


(Again, these are items I already have.)

I'm not here to judge the META.  I'm only asking if this hammer + abomination might be better at handling the "range 2 hole" that hammer builds often have, and if this would be a good way to go in terms of a boiler config.

Please give me your advice.  I'm asking basically whether I should get the Abomination deal.


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My rule is that the item has to be on my wish list for me to spend tokens on it. so I personally passed on this one because I didn’t have a build for it in mind.

but if you want it and have the tokens already it seems like a good deal.


as far as it covering 2-4 hole it does work well but is more of a damage weapon not drainer

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