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  1. Replay bugs ay? Here's one, when i give a friend of mine a replay code they end up seeing somethin entirely different (it happens every once in a while) (or maybe its not a bug and its just that codes for replays circulate?)
  2. Im not too weak for the opposing clan but im also not unbeatable for them Also i was more focused on the fact that im 4,444 not the fact that i wasnt attacked yet in the war
  3. Just how the hell did i do this
  4. Hey at least you got a reward some ppl in the clan im in didnt even get a box even tho we won
  5. Yea im working on it. Its a slow process but im doin it
  6. Do they even try to hide it. Like bruh
  7. It is a bit early to be talking about a event that is a month and a week from now but... i just dont want you to ignore/forget it cause i would like to do a portal that is at least interesting. (btw what happened to the cinco de mayo portal my friend you just completely and utterly passed it)
  8. its reason's like this were i hate the part of my brain that said "taking a picture of it is a waste of time"
  9. a premium box takes like 7 secs to open up just like every other box. and it takes less if you skip the animation
  10. I was watching youtube while playing SM and the video had a little over 5mins left. and by the time the video ended he was still getting legendaries
  11. im pretty sure it doesnt take 5 mins to open 24 box's. unless they have bought the offer more than once
  12. maybe but it was ridiculous like every second he was getting a legendary. the only thing breaking up the chat from just being every thing he got was the fact that ppl were typing
  13. The best i have done is used 1 revive and bring the boss down to half hp
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