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  1. Remember the old time, I was laugh a lot when I beated him But this is in my friend acc lol And that was easy
  2. I use AT cuz there's no basic tele in workshop lol
  3. Preparing for rank 5 Thing will use : max protector + plat
  4. 2nd one for ummm, now? But till I get Tonto and recoiler...wait that's mean I will get a Max myth void out?
  5. This season is insane, lose streak(7 loses in a row and a rank 8 player down to rank 16 WTF) The player I said is"not me" it's one of players I faught
  6. Lv 200 bru, 250 is max protector But I want 2 plat for my"hybrid like pizza's" tank Now
  7. I know Yeah I not use pc cuz I can't play sm on it Can anyone tell me why I only get bad drops at lv 110,120?
  8. I won you old friend *this player was my friend when I'm still using golem torso The replay code and for who want to see all of the battle Op combo lol Reporting @Energy Reaper Lmeooo
  9. Then how about this Future build Or maybe a hybrid energy-physical tank(rank 3) The 3rd one is my avatar They both strong
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