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  1. False, maybe a f2p one though Next person gets how to use emojis properly, and will tell me how.
  2. I think it's because alexander changed the point system so reactions didn't give 101 points.
  3. I see, well have a like for your troubles.
  4. Ik I posted a post asking that gaining a new rank would refresh your like limit and after some testing it does, so now instead of waiting for more likes go post a bunch and gain points to rank up. Of course post non random things, unless it's in a thread like this were you can reply almost anything.
  5. I think all badges are rare. Except for the easy ones like first post and a week on the forum and also a month on the forum.
  6. Ik that's why I meant the one in this thread, I've added some protection against that in this thread.
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