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need help recovering acc



so as the situation goes, when servers were down i couldnt log on, so panicking i tried different methods to log on. tried to log on with game center and it gave me 2 options, to choose either my main acc or some other account (ima call it alt). thinking i would be able to log on my main with my usual login info i decided to log onto alt. now when i try to log onto my main with my original SM’s login info it logs me onto alt. i came in contact with the owner of Alt and he said that he didnt have SM’s login info registered and only used GAME CENTER as login source. the accounts have swapped but one of them did mot have SM’s account connected, so i cant log onto that account to check if my main is there. wth do i do

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The popup you got stated that there was already an account connected to your Game Center account.

You had the option to use your main, or your alt, the popup also stated that if you choose the latter your main would be deleted, and so has it.

Just don't connect 2 account to any of the same account on a game service, that literally never works and always deletes one of them.

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