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Migrating from Kongregate to SuperMechs.com



Hi all, 


After discussing the Kongregate situation with their director of player relations, we've received permission to transfer certain data (inventories, levels) from Kongregate accounts to new accounts. This is an emergency option for those who are not willing to wait for Kongregate to potentially fix SuperNova. 

Please PM us on Kongregate after creating a new SuperMechs account here (*not in game, in game accounts will not be considered under any circumstances*) using Internet Explorer (or other old browsers, modern ones _will not_ work): https://forum.supermechs.com/forum/ucp.php?mode=register 

PM us the chosen username and we will proceed with the transfer for you. Please note that there may be bugs or loss of some progress in some cases, we will do our best to make things as smooth as possible. Your SM account on Kongregate will most likely no longer function after this.


So, again, steps:

  1. Create a new SuperMechs Account using Internet Explorer on the old forums, not via the game
  2. PM us on Kongregate with the username of your new supermechs account, ideally with the following form: 
    Username of your newly created SM Account as made per instruction:
    Kongregate PlayerID (if you know it): 
    Do you agree with the transfer of your player data, regardless of potential losses or risks, bricking your Kongregate SuperMechs account: Yes/No

    This can only be done once, the PM must be sent from the Kongregate account that you used to log into SuperMechs. 


SuperNova will most likely not work after this, even if it is fixed in the future on Kongregate. This is a destructive action that may only be done once and can never be reversed. 


Thank you everyone. 


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