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Please Buff Torment: increase energy capacity damage to 20 (even if this requires a slight increase in weight).


Buff Torment?  

11 members have voted

  1. 1. Should we buff Torment?

    • Yes, it needs a buff
    • No, it's fine
    • No, Torment needs a nerf
    • Buff it IF we increase weight slightly and IF we buff Windforge
  2. 2. Should we increase Torment's capacity damage to 20 like Nemo? (even if it requires increasing Torment's weight)

    • Yes, do this change
    • No, don't do this change
    • Tweak this change
    • Do this change ONLY IF we buff Windforge
  3. 3. (Bonus points) If we buff Torment, should we increase its weight?

    • Yes, increase it
    • No, don't increase it
    • Maybe/Other (please reply)

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BLUF: Please buff Torment by increasing Energy Capacity damage to 20, like Nemo (even if this requires a slight increase in its weight). (Because Windforge will probably get buffed separately to become the lightweight energy damage drone.)


LONG STORY: I am trying to make the "Johnny 5" drones more or less equivalent.  Because weapons do capacity damage, I believe we should buff those weapons that do capacity damage only so that hopefully one day capacity damage builds will be viable in the META (which will "shake up" the META).

Due to the way energy works, it suffers from a systemic disadvantage.  While one loses turns to cooling their mech, or can make a voluntary shut down, energy gets regenerated automatically at every turn without costing a turn.  As such, if for example the average META mech has about 295 in regen, the energy player must do this much energy damage or higher every turn.  This requires high-drain configurations like dual malice beam,  at least one valiant sniper, etc.  And energy drained foes can still stomp you, fire energy-free weapons, grapple, and charge.

I believe therefore that bringing energy weapons to at least equal footing with heat will help level the playing field and make energy more viable.  I'm not requesting for stats that are higher than heat because I don't want to accidentally over-buff any items.  Truth be told, energy should have roughly 25% higher stats, but this request is for more or less equal stats.

I do not want to nerf any items because that's both unpopular and harmful to the game.

I'm suggesting only equal stats in the areas I mentioned to hopefully prevent an over-buff.  But feel free to disagree with me.

Please reply to this thread.

"Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."


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