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Celebrating February 14, (in the friend zone).


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Greetings people without social life and without girlfriends (or without boyfriends for the girls).

Here for those desperate people who don't even have friends, I create this section so that we can share our tastes and see if we find that better half that we want.

(You can also say what you do not like or see people who follow this forum that is useless, or be disappointed with their age since they are very old or very young).

A detail: You are not obliged to participate or say what you want, this is done for fun, now we START!!!
Starting with me.

My likes:

1._ I love to draw.
2._ I like to cook.
3._ Being retarded for fun.
4._ Develop (Although I don't know but I would do it with effort and affection).
5._ Create both silly and funny stories.
6._ Be very good at something that I like.
7._ Surprise people.
8._ Collaborate on something (whether useful or not).

What I do not like.

1._ Being underestimated.
2._ Being mocked (in an unpleasant mood).
3._ Massive scandal (especially when I want to sleep.
4._ Be disappointed (either myself or disappointed in something that does not meet my expectations).


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