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I dont know how to start....



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Well, the game morphed into resistance-based game. New energy/heat modules introduced, and shields modules added as part of the last parts developed some years back and started to be released by the second part of 2020.

Those modules now are essential. image.png.a6d279c934cba91a5dcc35088d0006a7.png 

The old ways making parts to combat today it is different and harder. Also due to the new modules improve energy and heat caps, the old modules consume more weight than the new ones and help a little less. 

Before people used to play with L40 those modules but without the new ones, you need to max them out to L50 and divine if have relics. 

I can see you are an old player with the old energy mech that was decent and used to crush me often. Now is a lot helpless if compare what used to be. 

I can see you do not have the old good buddy rock recoiler that is good to work with your physical developed parts. 

The other part is that even in rank 10, there are powerful mechs with high HP and some players also are smurf's abusing to get wins for rewards. Ranks 8-6 is loaded of powerful R1 mechs pushing down the rest and getting killed. 

I do not know your former rank, but I can see you used to be around R7-R5. That my friend is different now. 

This is the basic now in resistance way op if compare the old time image.png.28d4b5e2e5ac302e3d941a9b96ac67e1.png

Basic torso to use is image.png.21acfe0865b9fed5728fc6841ea809bf.png

Basic legs to use is this type the 3 elements image.png.6f6d8b3afdd2c0de6168bac4cbcbafac.pngthat help in weight and resistance.

Knowing basic now, just analyze what rank you can be. Yes, you will get killed even with new modules. 

This is an example in R5 with mech belong to R7. MY kid was testing for his fun. The one in the left. 



dead using new modules. with good cap. That is a reflection of what it is going on in the floor at your current rank. 


Just max those modules to L50. Also, develop this leg image.png.4114273f083b2805600a5733c7216075.pngand any type of them. if get 3 of heat, develop all of them.

If you are going to play physical, make few of this image.png.ca5d812984b1c7f9f3c034592cc2bc63.png


Show your current sets and personal builds. Maybe they can help if you give your current set ups. 

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Ok, lets identify your current first mech issue. Sure, was a cool mech even with issues back then.

1- Resistance it is very low. The resistance it is accomplished through the arena shop enhancements, torso and shield modules.  In your case you have some issues:

   a- Maybe not account fully developed at arena shop. 🤔

   b- The resistance shield it is the epic one but good in use. 👍

   c- The torso it is bad thinking in resistance. The HP is great but because lack of resistance, the attackers can cut through the mech easy. Is like aluminum foil vs and steel wall. Shure is giving you HP and help in energy but also the weight is heavy and ZERO resistance. For counter mechs having high HP 3200-4000 is good torso specially for physical set up. 


d- The cooling and regeneration are a disgrace. The basic minimal is 300 for both and even that still bad. Just in case for your mech without make you feel bad, how to play energy mech without enough energy recovery against energy mechs? Sure, good enough to fight against heat and physical just in energy based in your mech. 


e- Already mentioned resistance using the module but it is terrible amount at 19 because using that torso. Let's show this basic difference using different torso with the same shield in this case premium option and fully developed account so you can see how bad is now when I use the new. image.png.9ad3d51434c2caf703cbd5b17cef1b7d.pngUsing this one. 


This torso used to be the best using the single old resistance image.thumb.png.642c09dc6cab06930ee4b70da9f26a56.png



That means, even using terrible torsos to advance, those possess more resistance to fight better unless have very high HP. You can see also how change the energy and heat caps per torso. 

So, the regeneration and cooling are very low reason you need to max your modules for now and resistance will need development if have any. That it is just the beginning if the mech issue. Few other considerations to take. 


The second mech in this case the physical, it is not bad in the sense of build according to what you have in the storage. Sure, it is not the best because no recoil, using roller, shields and modules caps. 

In basic for now. Focus into max the modules. and improve cooling and regeneration even resistance will be bad. 

Because you already developed some torsos, keep them as it is for now till enhance modules. 

Also, your gold is very low. Focus into increase gold reserve. Do not desperate to level up parts. Grind as much you can per day. Just do daily max of 15 parts and collect 20 and let mix boxes growth for now together with gold. 


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