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In game easter egg

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Hello there i wanted to discuss about a very rare Occasion soo basically some of you might not know it but there is a secret easter egg with a weapon called "last words" the thing is that when you use this weapon there is a very low chance of you shooting a chicken instead of the actual bullet also it makes chicken sound when used some of you might ask me for proof but sadly i can't prove it since it happens unexpectedly btw the same think can be said for the clan bosses they  can also shoot chicken bullets i witnessed it happening when i was fighting in clan boss 

More info : when it happened to me first time i had a last words LEGENDARY LEVEL 40 idk maybe that will help someone find why it happens also if there is another easter egg in this game that you have discovered feel free to tell them 

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11 hours ago, STARWULPH said:

The 'Last words' and the 'Terror cry' both do this on occasion.

This little quirk has been a part of the game since reloaded.

Enjoy it when you see it


yes. it is fun. I might make a mech with terror just for fun. 🤣

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