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Old Builds that were Great at one point, that succeeded rank 1

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2 hours ago, OKI DOKI said:

My old one. That was my 3er line up. R1 then molten and resist dropped to R8-R5. 🤣


yes this right this this was originally the first hugger build we see today before the swoop buff back then it was with that drone which was good and meh compared on which stats also the legs were rollers energy but when swoop got the buff the heat weapons precisely those 3 changed everything and everything went insane with todays stuped heat builds stuped

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15 minutes ago, OKI DOKI said:


I think was with Electrolyte but also remember with Anguish and face. Can't remember well. Sure, I remember some tops with it at top and was a default later for mid road. Was a great mech and very good looking. Sure, UPC was the top draining fast with runner and dual snipers.  

Yea, I remember that build also. I think I hated it. I was against energy builds at that time... Now I'm not.

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