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10 HILARIOUS SuperMechs JOKES πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ (FUNNY !)

A Happy F4ce

R8 my b8  

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  1. 1. R8 my b8

    • FUNNY !
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    • this is the best supermechs jokes thread on this forum
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1. Hurlbat? more like HURLBAD AMIRIGHT????

2. Armour Piercer? I hardly even know her!

3. Q: Why did Lord Gorgon cross the Road? A: because snowflake kunts told him not to

4: what do you get if you cross 15000 tokens and opening premium packs? I tell you what you get! you DONT get what you fuckin deserve (Drop rates are bad LOL)

5: Q: How many developers does it take to ruin an online flash game? A: the TS team numbers are publically available dude, just google it (ZOOM!)

6: Super? I hardly even know her!

7: Mechs? souds a lot like SEX (hehe they did that on purpose)

8: what did the Energy mech go as on haloween? a ghost (because energy is dead lmao)

9: ME: knock knock YOU: whose there? ME: Clever YOU: Clever who? ME: CleverNameΒ  (get it? because its a clever NAME)

10: supermechs has a fair and balanced spending system (LOLL... WHAT? haha just... crazy stuff)



EDIT: oh yes.... I went THERE

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