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Does the game still crash?


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I used to be a daily player but haven't played in almost two months. Anywho, I'm starting to miss it and wanted to know if it's still full of crashes, hackers, and absent developers before reinstalling. Hopefully things have gotten better! Would you guys mind sharing feedback about the current state of the game? Thanks.

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On 12/19/2023 at 5:19 PM, OKI DOKI said:

same old same old 🤡 but you are welcome to fight and prevail 😉 Get some beer first. 🍻

Hahaha OKI DOKI, what a great attitude towards the game.



On 12/19/2023 at 10:42 PM, ITRIEDXD said:

you'll need a lot of beer

Hahaha bruh this made me laugh out loud for real.


22 hours ago, Cole_Since_2012 said:

It's the same as before. There are rumours that there might be moderation at some point to deal with booster and hackers, but I highly doubt they will try to regulate this game even though people still invest time and money into it.

So there is hope! A few forum posts talk about noticibly less people playing so even though I'm tempted to jump back in, I'll give it another few months in hopes that the developers realize that inaction has consequences and get motivated to save their game.


Thanks everyone and happy new year!

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your own user name pretty much answered the question itself tbh.

You can cure yourselves, all you need to escape the plague was to never embracing it to begin with, you are given that choice each time, i am not your cure to salvation, my wonderful relic of Mortal Pride, for you are your own infection, the helpless look on your faces is my favorite part for i have enjoyed it a thousand times already. - Herald Of The Ravens.


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