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Cost performance comparison of all torso components

hungry tea

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I calculated the cost-effectiveness of all divided torso and ranked them

The cost-effectiveness difference between each row of torso in the icon is relatively small, while the cost-effectiveness difference between different columns of torso is relatively large

 hope this form is helpful to other players


1 minute ago, hungry tea said:





Oh on, I've reversed the line and column

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This is actually pretty good. Nightmare really is the most efficient torsos weight-wise, but at the same time the stats aren't high, so it needs lots of premiums to be used well, generally speaking vests are still better, but nightmare makes heavy builds possible.

Off-beat heat mechs ™image.png Spitfire

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On 9/13/2023 at 8:51 AM, Eneg said:

How did Zark end up so low if it used to be literal meta, and its stats haven't changed since? It's not like brutality or reaper have been buffed

when they did some buff back in 2021, there was not much change on that one and few others.

Balancing act was with the older players at the helmet with the CE0. Balance team.

They missed the most important player of the game to properly balance the game, OKI DOKI. 🤣

Players without real deep understanding trough real testing what does mean Balance. Bunch of rookies. 🤣

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