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should i enable base? (legacy player)



probably the most asked question but here i am. I am a legacy player who came back like 3 week ago to the game, and i recently rediscovered the game and the new features, some people say to not enable base others say yes im confused, at this point of the game, should i enable base or wait and use the gold to improve my mech??  im rank 15 btw
Here is my account:
any other advice with build or other is appreciated  thank you




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it has way more advantages than silver boxes like

⚫it can craft power kits which can help you a lot in boosting

⚫it also can craft chance of legendary in which this case is 10% (you can     also get premium items)

⚫you can get 75,000 gold every 3 days from 1 mine so 300,000 gold in 3 days from the 4 mines

⚫you can craft commons for crap cheap


but if your just super impatient just keep silver boxes,


the end :))

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It is all depend in the way you play and what kind of player you are like a pay to win or free to play and grinding.

I will say the BASE it does have a bit of benefit on gold but also cost a bit more to get parts according to options as factory order. Also, if you are a great farmer then it is use because you can make parts with possibilities of legend option of all kinds of weapons when factories are in level 20. Sure, it is hard to set up full base and will take 6 months in full discipline.  Sure, you no need to have the base in full. I am an example not having BASE in full and progressing with the BASE but been an excellent farmer. 

Using BASE in the long run can pay off. In the short term, you need to be an aggressive farmer because cost a lot to enhance the BASE.

Like I said, it is about personal play ways that will feel better to your personal ways of play. My O.D.FARM account it is a BASE account and my progress was comparable to my OKI DOKI account which is originally a silver box account like yours till changed to BASE. 

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