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which is way better?


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1 hour ago, JRweeb said:

ive been trying to build a electric mech but the supermech workshop wont work (i dont know why) and i cant test my mech ideas,

which of this is better to build? (the modules is not yet okay)



second. go to the arena and start to kill the losers 🤣 kill OKI and O.D. Farm when see them. They are my kids goofing around when connect. 

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2nd is better. However, you want hot flash and or malice beam. Use those with the jumping shoulder and maybe frantic lightning or grim cobra. Would advise against the melee, swap with lightning recoiler. You want to max out your mods to recounter any counters, and don’t use the push drone. For drones, use railgun or a protector, they have decent drain with high damage. And the grapple takes up weight.

But that’s just me.

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