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Who do we like more?


Who do we dislike more?   

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  1. 1. Who do we dislike more?

    • Romanians
    • Moldovans


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All countries are cool. All provided great things more or less. Dysfunctional governments it is another thing. 

I have been in both places. Ton of cool people and helpful. Like in any country, some hate for some things bases in race and cultural views. Grate food and a lot of local land cool places to watch. 

The poll it is not that proper. 

Maybe you can ask what places would like to visit for food or outdoors, meet people etc but all depend on languages or ways to enter to the country as requirements etc like the way they can promote their countries as good place to visit or travelers' curiosity like me reason visited the countries to experience the country ways and learn locally about them. 

By the time I visited both for first time, was easier for me to enter Romania from Ukraine border in contrast was a bit more Soviet style entry way to Moldova back then. Now things have change. 

My last visit the infra structure have change and government improved in some ways getting basics for the people on laws but a bit of missing following the new laws in the way how to properly manage the founds and local bureaucracy at country level or local Oblast level etc. 

I have friends from both countries here in my local area and work with them too as from many other countries. 


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