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Supermechs card factory base is broken



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18 hours ago, raC said:

When your card factory reaches level 4, you unlock "cheap" fabrication. But if you take a closer look, the normal one costs 1000 and the "CHEAP" costs 1250

bro what a scam

Somehow I didn't realise that till now lol

Maybe it's because I spend all the time in the Item Factory crafting Power Units and not any other stuff!

By someone, somewhere.

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I created O.D. FARM as testing account for the BASE when was released. O.D FARM it is BASE account from start. 

I have never completed the BASE. Been a new account and BASE active, I was trying to figure out better balance on growing and developing the BASE. 

Not having enough gold but continuously leveling up parts due to heavy grinding, I figure out that the BASE needed to be advanced only till get the 4 mines. I level up factories till L2 then a bit more but noticed that was not worthy enough to spend gold increasing the factories level at such power level of crappie mechs. It was more basic to craft RARE part option that appear at factory L2 giving almost the same cost of having the regular OKI DOKI silver account and compared both progresses. So, factory was ideal for my O.D.FARM and the way of grinding I had. I kept advancing only the mines and forgot to advance the factories and no waste gold there having the gold mines. 

When I became a bit stronger with a mech or two, I started to level up the factories without rush balancing gold usage and leveling up parts. 

Because the cost for power kits and others are too high, I kept using the L2 RARE option a bit longer but was great for me in that way then I tested the super cheap super slow and was a hell for me to progress as I wanted. So, I push up the factories to L15 for power kits and advance with them when I wanted to push fast for fun. 

Power kits are great option if you farm a lot like me. If you are not a heavy grinder, power kits are good to make few to store parts having limited account storage. 

As you can see below, my OKI factories still at L15 image.thumb.png.c685d42429c0d58784830e415aa69a0a.png

Because I ended up buying some offers, L20 it has been not in need. Now, for a full free player and heavy grinder, factories at L20 to risk gold for a legend can be ok. 

For now, I do not need to change BASE status having some premium packs around, but Power kits might come handy if I want to push for faster parts making. 

You need to balance gold and grinding properly making parts or will suffer all the time. 

My O.D.FARM account was opened back in FEB 2020. Changing to this forum because the previous was deleted, it was 11 months old account already L250 completed just in 8 months flat out and had already 100 myth parts. Sure, parts were not all L50 but transformed already 100 to MYTH status. I was playing R3 and with low wins around 5 per day and reached R1 but not displayed or mentioned. 

I had only 10million, but I already changed from 1.5million on reserve to increase gold reserve mentality for the account. Back in January 2020 till now, it has been a long journey step by step stages changing gold reserve baseline and keeping the momentum. I had some delays having the accounts inactive for months and very low grinding etc but still moving forward. 

Just be careful when you do use the BASE crafting and use the right level on BASE to craft according to your grinding rate. Do not strangle yourself just to show off. Build up gold reserves little by little and you won't regret. 


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