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11 hours ago, Ufio said:

I can't get past rank 17 because of people like this. Screenshot_20230420-102241.thumb.png.a4316df2f339edccba8bb2730c6890d7.png

Well, smurfs are common around and that guy it is one hunting easy wins against lower rankers and I had the same issue when I started. Do not get focus on them and or get frustrated. Get focus on development to move on

First to say, your mech torso and legs are wrong to use in the short and long run. Both of them need to be replace. 


Even I do not have the torso right now in my storage, that type of torso only can move to certain level of progress.

This is an example close to the same torso image.png.1ec9ee593315f56000f16f26dc075e4a.png image.png.a3bdcc2f6d0484772210ccd67a5aa937.png

If you see the red circulating around 2 circulars one white and one blue, that indicate how far the torso can go on power. In this case, this part it is a "Common" part by nature and the white circle it does indicate the base of the torso as starting point. 

I do not have the leg, but that legs also are limited to legend as maximum power if I am not wrong. That mean, if you use them and spend gold on them, those will be a waste of gold at your level.

On your level, you can get some easy parts to develop and are parts that can still use on top position even that not mean are now the best but are decent and will take you there if no other better parts are available. 

1- For leg you can have Iron boot. image.png.720aca24b780000161f089d87520e0e6.pngThis leg can go all the way to the top as myth and divine but accessible to your rank. There are the heat and energy versions. You can use heat or physical even energy versions to advance.image.png.a65d8d8c2a93b2f533c7062f5448d086.png

If you have this kind of leg image.png.ce30c9c3751417904f63f9d1a3766f53.png, this are the best legs around in the game and can be get at epic level but all versions are excellent. You can max any with confidence.

For torsos if not premium part around, you can use image.png.1f84c4daecbaa3fff20828303ba71c9d.png as better options at epic level and can still play at top. 

If you have hard time to get any, then the version for your rank easy to get to be use on top will be this one image.png.9a3033d45c69893b1e836a14fe097c65.pngbut have to be the heat version. You can get it easy all the time you grind for gold or win pvp as example.

Now, do not waste more gold on those legs and torso. 

Both side weapons are good. Now, the Sacrifice cannon image.png.2a27546335d4833de995a033e3b141e5.pngeat health and when you are at low HP, that really hurt to be use but can help to win. The part still in use at every rank even R1.

This part image.png.743f3fb12ff7ee3598a6b73440468f2b.png it is in use even in R1.

This partimage.png.48b595c3b0ebfe5772d6035ee62c494c.png, not everyone use it but still decent to certain ranks. 

This weapon still use on R1image.png.58796b0f3d585bfae50347558cfb32e3.png.

This weapon image.png.cab1945cf9f6c9e090cfaf9132842b03.png it is rare to see it been in use but still a good part to some degree on top lower ranks. 

That mean, you have some decent parts but not necessarily the modules and HP to sustain them properly. Regardless, change that torso and legs and do not waste more gold. 


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