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Get email link to account



Hello !

It's nice to come back on SuperMech πŸ™‚ !

I have successful recover my account Kimes976 but I him now looking for my main account Kime976 (without s)

Unfortunately, I didn't remember the email link to this account ... Can I get it to reset my password, thanks to link send ?

You can send this email to the one linked to Kimes976 : bond_james_1953@yahoo.fr

(Yeah, it's my first email created by my parent ^^)


Thanks !

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I know you can surely change both the email, and the password easily. Didn't do it myself though!

You select top right, where your profile is ( In SM community site ) and click "Account Settings"

There I could see my email and password, and there is an option to change it on the right of them.

Didn't try that, although I believe that you could figure it out when getting there, there should be no issues!

Cya and hope I helped ( As I couldn't quite understand, what was the problem in the first place, I have not understood your post )


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If you still know the username and password of the account you can log in on the old forum and change your SM credentials on there. (Link at the bottom of my post)

Because you want to change your Email you need to know your username and password otherwise no one will be able to help you.


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Hello and thank you for your answers!
I'll use an automatic translator to be a bit clearer πŸ˜‰

I have an old Kime976 account for which I don't have the password nor the email address.
I'm looking for the email address linked to this account to be able to reset the password.

(I can't find it on my profile page because I don't have access to this account anymore, I was playing via the flash version on Snokido website if some people know)

Would it be possible to recover it? The admins won't give the password but maybe they have access to the email address?

Thanks to you and good game !

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