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Token farming



Im looking for a efficient way of farming tokens, i get around 70 or more per day, i watch the promo ads for 60 tokens and do side missions and quests, im trying to get the brutality torso, but rn i can open a premium pack per week since 70 or slightly more per day is too little, any way i could improve and get to smth like 90 per day? any help would be great

i could also farm overlord's den for fortune boxes but i would run out of fuel pretty fast, i probably will do it, but only as the last thing i do for the day, since i dont wanna run out of fuel before im done playing

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5 hours ago, STARWULPH said:

There is a preconstructed mech in the shop that has the Brutality torso...

But of course I don't recommend that torso, It's not very good.

Don't buy the 1.900 mech (brutality)

If you want good heat torso nightmare is good but really relies on premium modules

Winidigo is great

Zarkares and brutality are starters so it may be good but when  you reach high ranks you to but other good heat torso

Molten platinum vest is the greatest heat torso but its premium and hard to get

Any heat torso can't that reach legendary transform is bad for expamle





Are okay to upgrade to legendary but their rank limit is rank 13

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