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Some fan drawing of torsos i made


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Some torso i draw days ago

1.called basalt mask type:heat starts from common-mythcial


common stats:  HP:129-274 heat:72-116 cooling:37 energy:48-89 regeneration:21

rare stats: HP:299-467 heat:136-227 cooling:52 energy:64-107 regeneration:46

epic stats: HP:408-621 heat:194-328 cooling:101 energy:93-136 regeneration:69

legendary and mythcial stats aren't ready

2.called cute crab its based on doll i have called baby crab its doesn't know his type starts from rare-mythcial 

Rare Stats:KG:267 HP:123-246 heat:189-328 cooling:99 energy:189-328 regeneration:99

Epic stats:HP:271-345 heat:279-421 cooling:156 energy:279-421 regeneration:156

Legendary:HP:468-600 heat:385-573 cooling:199 energy:385-573 regeneration:199

Mythcial stats:HP: 631-700 heat:489-693 cooling:249 energy:489-693 regeneration:249

Cute crab torso idea is being very lightweight lighter than any torso currently revenant is the lightest torso setting at 301 KG but incetporter is only lightweight torso that can transform to mythcial at 309 KG

it has very low HP stat at every tier but it has highest capacity and regen/cooling at every tier it requires 3 platinum plating just have decent HP

3.called negative charge type:energy starts from rare-mythcial 


Rare stats:HP:231-428 heat:75-118 cooling:53 energy:98-211 regeneration:79

Epic stats:HP:461-628 heat:135-200 cooling:73 energy:168-312 regeneration:89

Legendary stats:HP:661-849 heat:167-241 cooling:91 energy:268-482 regeneration:111

Mythcial stats aren't ready

4.armored steel warrior starts from epic-mythcial stats aren't ready but his KG is 337


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