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how do you like my robot from 1 to 10



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Ahem. now here are the critiques I have.

1.) Resistance. In order to complement for the amount HP you have for the mech, you must have good resistance to keep that HP from several different types of opponents. Your resistance is very low!

2.) Energy/Energy costs. Your energy regen is very low, meaning energy drainers will have a heyday going against this mech, and looking at the weapons... You're kinda screwed because all of them use energy. MEANING: you have to rely on grapple/charge + stomp. I wouldnt recommend having 2 Night Falls, maybe replace one with Annihilation so you have an energy free weapon.

3.) Weapon tactics. The only thing you're relying on with these weapons it seems is well... Bringing them towards you and fully relying on the 2-5 spots to destroy armour. Sure it's a good range, but I feel that huggers and like I said before, energy drainers can take advantage of this differently. Maybe choose different weapons that keep the same armour pierce tactics, but also can bring maybe a bit of movement instead of relying fully on forced opponent movement.

This is all of the critiques I will give for now, but you have very good weapons, but they're arent meant for this type of mech. 

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