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What's your favorite legs?


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So we all know legs are 2nd importanting thing in the mech which could be game changer such the wheels and the claw

List of legs that wouldn't go divine

Phsycial:Copper Destroyers C-R

Metal maniac R-E

Chromium Crushers C-L

Power bottoms E-L

Heat:burning boots R-L

blazing legs E-L

Sizzling Rollers C-E

For energy only cyclone feet R-E that can't transform to divine

Let's start with me i like cyclone feet due how goofy mech can go these feet Sizzling Rollers i feel kinda they're special due easy they can be obtained both only transform to epic

So what's your favorite leg or wheels


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Some rabbits walk on their front feet with their back legs in the air | New  Scientist

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