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Do they use cheats?



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I agree, it's unfair, but it's not even cheats, it's bugs, that is, they are bug-users, I think for using this players should get bans first for 3 days, then for 7 days and then pernament, if the developers don't care, then maybe at least you (like u warrior u using another acc ujjjiii for ap) players using the bug system ap have a conscience. it is also not only a bug-using, but also multiaccs (1 player can have 10 accs for example for ap)

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1 hour ago, warrior5639 said:

No hacks just skill. He won every single battle to get such high arena points. Stop hating

We tend to have skill-related issues, so it probably explains a hell lot

Retired SM pilot, nothing interesting. (Also not helpful in some way or another)

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The Omura Unofficial Server

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