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say hello to my little frends i just maked divine yersteday and windigo mithycal today


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1 minute ago, BrulityB said:



if you want you can put that in the flex thread, it's made for this.

however you don't need the selfish guardian, for having used it when it is a premium item like another item used for transformation?

and also, hello to your friend by the way.

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8 hours ago, Rhino said:

lol windigo bad interceptor good

sorry to contradict you but i'm disagree with this, even though the windigo is 36 weight heavier, it has so much better stats especially in pv and physical resistance, gaining a big importance against players.Screenshot_20221220-134149_Chrome.thumb.jpg.eaac0f4416809824ff35f9b5c7923cfa.jpgScreenshot_20221220-134156_Chrome.thumb.jpg.1c059802c81043aa8453baf64616a251.jpg

With arena boost :Screenshot_20221220-134854_Chrome.thumb.jpg.24e7a088e7167fa62882d01ab49be6f2.jpgScreenshot_20221220-134849_Chrome.thumb.jpg.6e61035558290029a4edf13d091d1371.jpg

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